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This extension allows source code to be syntax highlighted on the wiki pages. This README file might be out of date, have a look at the extension page for updated information: == Requirements == This version of the extension has been tested with Pygments 2.8.0 and MediaWiki 1.35. To get releases of this extension compatible with earlier versions of MediaWiki, visit: == Installation == Add this line to your LocalSettings.php: wfLoadExtension( 'SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi' ); By default, this extension will use a bundled copy of Pygments 2.8.0. If you would like to use a different copy of the library, you can set $wgPygmentizePath to point to the path to the 'pygmentize' binary. == Usage == On the wiki page, you can now use "source" elements: <source lang="php"> <?php v = "string"; // sample initialization ?> html text <?php echo v; // end of php code ?> </source> == Parameters == For details information of these parameters, see the documentation of Pygments' HtmlFormatter at <>. * lang; Defines the language. * line; Corresponds to linenos="inline" option. * start; Corresponds to linenostart option. * enclose; If set to "none", corresponds to the nowrap=1 option. * inline; Corresponds to the nowrap=1 option. * highlight; Corresponds to hl_lines option (comma separated). == Note == Pygments is generous about creating HTML elements: highlighting large blocks of code can easily generate enough of them to crash a browser. As a guard, syntax highlighting is turned off for code fragments larger than 100 kB.
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