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The version for MediaWiki 1.31+ has some changes since previous versions: By default the math rendering service from the Wikimedia Foundation located at will be used for math rendering. Therefore php-curl is required. cf. Consult for further information and advanced settings. Attributes of the <math /> element: attribute "display": possible values: "inline", "block" or "inline-displaystyle" (default) "display" reproduces the old texvc behavior: The equation is rendered with large height operands (texvc used $$ $tex $$ to render) but the equation printed to the current line of the output and not centered in a new line. In Wikipedia users use :<math>$tex</math> to move the math element closer to the center. "inline" renders the equation in with small height operands by adding {\textstyle $tex } to the users input ($tex). The equation is displayed in the current text line. "inline-displaystyle" renders the equation in with large height operands centered in a new line by adding {\displaystyle $tex } to the user input ($tex). For testing your installation run php tests/phpunit/phpunit.php extensions/Math/tests/ from your MediaWiki home path. == Logging == The math extension supports PSR-3 logging: Configuration can be dona via $wgDebugLogGroups['Math'] = [ 'level' => 'info', 'destination' => '/path/to/file.log' ];
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